Software, manuals, online help texts, specifications – you need a translation from English to German.

That's our job. Software, manuals, online help texts, specifications – you name it, we'll translate it from English to German.

You've definitely come to the right place! Why's that?

Because you're quality-conscious: you want the German versions of your texts to be correct from a technical and terminological point of view – and you want them to be consistent and impeccably worded.

Because you think effectively and efficiently: you want your translation project to be handled professionally – and you want it all to come from one partner.

Because you keep your objectives in mind: you want to be able to concentrate on all the things you can do really well.

And what about us?

We're an experienced team of freelance language professionals.

We've had years of experience translating in the IT sector.

We know how to keep deadlines, even with large translation projects.


You can contact us via e-mail at Übersatz-IT.


Here are the members of our team:

Meinolph Gottschalk

Katja Heimann-Kiefer

Susanne Heizmann

Karin Kossel

Tanja Kriele

Ulrike Michiels

Susanne Nötscher

Burkhard Schäfer

Nicole Schreiber